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This site is dedicated to my 4yr old severely autistic son who passed away just a few months ago due to tests and treatment not being carried out at a major Nottingham hospital we are currently running a campaign to prevent this ever happening again h4. Visitor's notice

Please take the time to read through the site and check out my boys story so that we can try and prevent this happening again.

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our facebook group is to raise awareness and for folks to meet chat share their own stories and support each other the link is here



should the drs in question be suspended pending the coroners findings

yes (972)
no (204)

Total votes: 1176

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15/12/2014 10:36
We have received the hospital report 10 weeks late it states many "contributary factors" and also...
12/11/2014 19:10
12/11/2014 18:57
Find us on facebook where we are running the...