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15/12/2014 10:45
On the 11th january there will be a gathering at the queens medical centre in Nottingham to remember Harry and also to ask again that all the Drs involved in Harrys case are suspended pending the coroners findings. The same Drs work on the same wards using the same protocols that let Harry down...
15/12/2014 10:36
We have received the hospital report 10 weeks late it states many "contributary factors" and also states that if harrys blood tests had been taken that they could have saved Harry. During a meeting with the hospital director he admitted on record with his knowledge and agreement he admitted the drs...
12/11/2014 19:27
my little boys story on the 18th June i attended the gp's with harry as he had been ill for a few days and his mum and i were growing concerned as although the vomiting and diorreah had stopped he was getting no better within himself.we were seen by dr layzel who said that he had a tummy bug and a...
12/11/2014 19:10
12/11/2014 18:57
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